We provide comprehensive Injection molding solution
for optimized for production environment.
  • Take-out Robot

  • Heating & Cooling

  • Drying & Feeding

  • Factory Automation

Take-out Robot
Quickly and safely
AE’s robot has been proven and satisfied by customers
for years with its optimal design, know-how, reliable
battlefield configuration, and exceptional scalability to
respond to a wide range of injection-type businesses.
  • Adaptation Optimization, Robot Design
  • Reproducibility & Business Scalability
  • Optimal robot control solution for powerful, automated performance
  • Work Environment Improvement and Safety Improvement Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • User Experience Optimization Solution
Smart Function
Weight detection, temperature detection, static removal

Realize ideal quality management by collecting/analyzing information
from key factors that affect quality and productivity in real time.

Heating & Cooling
New Paradigm of
heat exchange
Abiman Engineering is is completing an injection molding
process to produce the highest quality products efficiently
with know-how to control flow and diverse heat exchange
  • Solution for improving shape due to poor flow
  • Solutions to improve cracks due to residual stress
  • Solution for improving strain due to cooling imbalance
  • High Gloss & Surface Quality Improvement Solutions
  • Coolant cycle time reduction solution
Drying & Feeding
Optimum raw material
Feeding&Drying Solution
Abiman Engineering creating a new paradigm for injection molding
and raw material management for high-quality product production.
We forward to Future of Plastic industry in technical know-how to
accumulated raw material management/feeding
  • Transparent product injection solution
  • Various raw material injection solutions
  • Dust & Foreign Substance Removal Solution
  • Water retention.Management solution
  • Pipe durability/improvement solution
  • Material Recycle Solution
Factory Automation
Production process
In precisely control
Abiman Engineering provides Factory Automation
in variety of Industries with know-how of precision control.
We able to innovative productivity improvement in Take out,
machining, inspection, assembly, transportation process
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • PET-Preform
  • Micro & Precision
  • Home appliance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Mobile
  • Medical