We provide software development solution for
Optimized production environment.
  • Adaptive Cyber Manufacturing

  • Process Quality

  • Integrated
    Monitoring &

  • Integrated
    Monitoring &

  • Integrated Logistics Controlling System

  • Warehouse Management System

  • Integrated Clinic Care System

Adaptive Cyber Manufacturing

Sophisticated ‘Adaptive
Simulation Analysis
Consulting’ to Estimate
and Verify the Optimum
Adaptive Cyber Manufacturing is a service that
implements cyber manufacturing by reproducing
actual physical space into 3D cyber space.
It helps to choose the optimum alternative option
after conducting simulation with various
production conditions and comparing results
based on high predictability.
  • To verify new plants or processing line
  • To improve the current process and analyze efficiency

Process Quality Monitoring

Simple and Economical
‘Initial / Middle / Final
Product Management System’
With Convenient Input and
Management Efficiency
PQM.lite system shares quality measurement data of half-finished product immediately and manages product quality transparently to increase the product reliability for stable continuous production. It can also be connected to the MES system and respond to business logic through customizing inspection template by customer / product. As a clear guideline for each process, it allows reliable quality management between manager and worker / order and supplier.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi AP is required for communication between. Tablet and PQM.lite server and multiple deployment of AP can be applied according to the size of production field and the location of test/measurement
  • Connecting all measurement device with communication capability (Use various protocols such as Serial, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc.)
  • Providing measurement equipment as Turn-key solution upon customer’s request

Integrated Monitoring & Controlling.Molding

Integrated Monitoring & Controlling System for Injection Molding to Establish Optimum Production System
IMC.M provides integrated business management solution of monitoring & controlling the equipment requires for Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Molds, Hot Runner Systems, Mold Temperature Control, Material Handling, and Take-out Robots. Besides monitoring, it analyzes the correlation of quality through Critical to Quality(CTQ) analysis and brings high productivity and uniform reproducibility through comprehensive production automation.
  • Monitoring real-time production (by line / machine / product)
  • Managing progress rate by production objective (by order / line / yield)
  • Managing productivity per unit (by manpower / facility)
  • Monitoring equipment efficiency (capacity utilization ratio / yield / time utilization ratio)
  • Figuring out the proportion of equipment by condition
  • Providing summarized report of order status, timely delivery rate, production progress rate, and equipment efficiency
  • Monitoring CTQ (critical To Quality) range

Integrated Monitoring & Controlling.lite

‘Integrated Production Efficiency Management System’ for Planned Production with Minimum Connection
IMC.lite is a monitoring system that can review production efficiency through the intuitive GUI including real-time production quantity/progress rate per equipment by target quantity/equipment condition. It helps manager understand production status more clearly and establish efficient production plan utilizing resource more effectively based on integrated data by equipment beyond the limitation of complex communication.
  • Managing production schedule Monitor progress status by equipment in the basis of target production quantity
  • Managing production objective Monitor the production objective and quantity according to production schedule
  • Monitoring equipment efficiency Monitor equipment efficiency by equipment and line
  • Monitoring daily/weekly/monthly shot count by equipment

Integrated Logistics Controlling System

Establish a Reliable Logistics Process with
‘Integrated Logistics Controlling System’
ILC (Integrated Logistics Controlling system) is a real-time logistics flow monitoring system to manage procurement, manufacturing, and inventory status of raw materials from production to shipment, followed by location information of unit LOT in a plant. ILC comes with 'Transparent Logistics Management' to realization by visualizing the overall flow of logistics with reducing the waste, which tracks congestion, waiting, losses, and other cost-adding problems.
  • Integrated Logistics View
  • From - To Chart
  • Activity Relationship Analysis

Warehouse Management System

Integrated 'Warehouse Management System' for Effective Inventory Management and Warehouse Operation
WMS (Warehouse Management System) supports warehouse management as real-time computerizing accumulated data such as inventory levels and turnover rate. Main factors are presented through intuitive GUI view, which brings accurate recognition in management status and paves the way for effective warehouse management with constant improvement.
  • Warehouse Status
  • Detailed Warehouse Monitoring
  • Risk Score

Integrated Clinic Care System

‘Proactive Maintenance System’ to Ensure Continuous Production of Uniform Quality through Pre-inspection of Production Facility
ICC is ‘Proactive Maintenance Management System’ established upon ABIMAN’s specialized know-how of facility maintenance. ABIMAN provides specialized consulting and service program through ICC and data collected during the service is a accumulated, analyzed and then sent to customer in the form of report. The integrated solution of consulting/service/system can save cost and time required to establish facility maintenance system.
  • Analyzing customer environment / Reviewing overall facility / Establishing facility management plan (Consulting)
  • Managing inspection list for each facility / Main product / Type of countermeasure
  • Providing daily inspection / To Do List (Operator)
  • Recording and reading clinic care service in real-time (Regular inspection / Precision diagnosis / Regular maintenance / Replacement of consumable part)