Chairman's Greetings
We are working for customer satisfaction with
beyond technology and passion
Tommy Lee , the second president (Term of office:2019 ~)
Dear Customer,

We would like to sincerely express our appreciation for your constantly support towards Abiman Engineering all these years. Abiman Engineering always strive to improve our customers’ efficiency and profitability based on the values of transparency, communication and circumspection. With the means of transparent management, Abiman Engineering works hard on reducing the production cost in order to provide best quality and better price of Smart Factory System to our customers, and believes that by having a good communication with our customer, we can develop more innovative product and maintain good quality of services. We promise we will always serve our customer with a genuine heart.

Francis Yu , the first president (Term of office:1980-2018)

Since its foundation in 1980, YUDO strived to develop and produce a hot runner system. It achieved the No. 1 ranking in the global market share through its efforts to independently produce all kinds of component parts to secure excellent quality. Furthermore, Abiman Engineering automated multi-tasking robot, factory automation system and various kinds of injection rationalization machines, YUDO-ROBOTICS machine tool automation system hold various standards that meet the customer’s needs. Our company is proud of its technology as it continuously helps us lead the market together with our products’ verified quality. Based on the global network reaches 139 in the world, we strive for the best products and service.

Steve Kang, CEO (Term of office:2019 ~ )
Dear Customer

Abiman Engineering Co,. Ltd is constantly striving for the development of best quality under the mission of “Creating Core Value for Customers” specialized in injection molding and automation Industry. Also we are expanding into Smart factory area which optimized for customer’s business with advanced technology and accumulated know-how in robot

As existed members of the YUDO group, YUDO SUNS Co., Ltd , YUDO ROBOTICS Co,. Ltd and STACKTECK ASIA Co,. Ltd merged on July 1st, that launched Abiman Engineering Co,. Ltd to expending of overseas markets and build global marketing strategies for customers. We promise to you at closer location always and look forward to your continued interest and cooperation.

Thank you