Traverse Type
GIGA series
High speed and precision take-out robot (Movable X-axis)
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Common specifications
  • ▶I.M.M (ton)     1,600~3,000 (Horizontal I.M.M)

    ▶Traverse (mm)   3,500~4,000

    ▶Vertical (mm)    2,000~3,000 (Telescopic structure)

    ▶Driving method   All axes AC Servo

    ▶Payload (Kg)     35 / 50 (Including weight of chuck unit)

    ▶Power source    AC 380V, 50/60 Hz
  • ■ High speed take-out cycle time (Speed up Max. 40%)
    ■ Slim BRIDGE structure
    ■ Safety and Energy-saving function
      - Working area/Work limited area setting, Servo sleep, Power consumption display
    ■ User-friendly functions
      - Send an alarm, Maintenance information, Robot monitoring, History management
    ■ AC servo (all axes)
    ■ Anti-vibration control (Vibration reduction Max. 15 times)
    ※ A comparison with YUDO's existing robot in its class
General specification