High performance multi-axis motion controller
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  • 1. Convenience
     - TFT Touch Screen (65536 Color)
     - Multi-national language support : Basically supporting five languages
      (Responding to all languages in the world as an option)

    2. User friendly
     - User-friendly UI design
     - Easy understanding through manuals and animations
     - User configures motion pattern
     - Providing the sample, initial, bad emissions and statistics as well

    3. Controller Reliability
     - Optmizing design improves system reliability
     - Energy saving by recycling of regenerative energy
     - Reliable heating control

    4. Program flexibility
     - Easy operation with YUDO's unique mode setting
     - Easily add various actions by users program
     - Respond to various market needs

     - Integrated control and monitoring of injection process optimization machine (MTC, Chiller, etc)
     - Productivity and equipment error report (E-mail, SMS)