SOCUL II series
Highly efficient and precise mold cooling chiller
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Product line
  • SOCUL II-103W / SOCUL II-105W / SOCUL II-107W / SOCUL II-110W / SOCUL II-115W / SOCUL II-120W / SOCUL II-130W / SOCUL II-140W / SOCUL II-150W
Application field
  • Automotive

  • Packaging

  • PET-Preform

  • Micro & Precision

  • Home Appliance

  • Consumer Goods

  • Mobile

  • Medical

  • ETC

Product description
  • With optimal design and cooling temperature control,
    realize a perfect mold cooling temperature
    for improving productivity and quality.
  • Outstanding performance

    / Realizes a balanced precise and stable mold temperature.
     → ±1℃ temperature deviation for standard type, ±1℃ temperature deviation for precise type(option)
       (In lab condition)
    / Assembled with high reliable parts→Reduced noise, size/light weight, and improved energy effeciency.
    / Specifically designed for instrument durability and convenient maintenance.
    / Interlock integrated production control system with network.
    / Various options avaliable.

    Convenient usability

    / Provides a simple and intuitive UI considering the user.
    / Easy to figure out working status, manage, maintenance.

    High reliability

    / Applied with approved multiple safety devices.
    / Trip alarm history fucntion.
    / Provides a quick and thorough customer service.